Buying or selling a real estate is an exciting time in your life, but it is also one that involves one of the largest financial transactions that you are likely to encounter in your lifetime. The opportunity that presents itself when buying or selling real estate also brings with it a variety of legal and financial factors, making it a good idea to consult with an attorney when preparing to embark on these endeavors.

Protecting The Interests Of Buyers And Sellers

At Cohen Dovitz Makowka, LLC, we are experienced in providing clients entering into real estate transactions with insight and legal guidance throughout the process. Whether it is a residential or commercial purchase, we will explain the details of your real estate sales contract, conduct a title search and arrange title insurance, conducting the closing, and be there to protect and serve your interests through the entire process.

If you are purchasing real estate, we will:

  • Review and explain the terms of your purchase contract.
  • Protect you from liabilities that may arise during and after your purchase.
  • Review title, mortgage and tax documents for any pre or post-closing issues.
  • Attend your closing and answer any questions or concerns that you may have about your loan documents.
  • Ensure that you receive properly executed ownership documentation for your new real estate.

If you are selling real estate, we will assure a smooth closing process by:

  • Ensuring that the terms of the purchase and sale agreement properly protect your interests.
  • Assist in resolving any liens or encumbrances that may be discovered during the title search process.
  • Obtain title insurance for the real estate transaction.
  • Assist with arranging payoffs to lienholders.
  • Arrange for a smooth and efficient escrow closing.

With an experienced attorney assisting you through the process you can rest assured that any potential issues that may arise will be handled with skill and expediency.  Please feel free to contact us about how having representation from Cohen Dovitz Makowka, LLC during your real estate transaction will benefit you now and in the future.