Cohen Dovitz Makowka, LLC does not treat the foreclosure process as something that can be accomplished in an assembly line fashion, and distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing personal attention to and control throughout all aspects of the foreclosure process that larger firms often find difficult to manage. Providing end-to-end default and contested legal services from initial referral through REO, we take an aggressive approach to moving cases through the legal process while ensuring compliance with all regulations so as to reduce the exposure of our clients to regulatory investigations. The direct contact approach our firm insists upon maintaining with our clients has resulted in our clients’ ability to proceed without the setbacks other lenders and law firms have faced as a result of such assembly line practices as “robo-signing.”

Our firm has a keen understanding of the significance of the need for lenders to swiftly eliminate non-performing assets from their portfolios. We have a very proactive approach to working with our clients to communicate and resolve any impediments in the litigation in the most expeditious manner possible. At Cohen Dovitz Makowka, LLC, we routinely work with our clients to develop and execute non-litigation alternatives such as forbearance and/or loan modification agreements, court imposed mediation, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, consent foreclosures, short sales and other settlement agreements. Our familiarity in the areas of both litigious and non-litigious processes allow us to effectively move matters to resolution in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible for our clients.

Cohen Dovitz Makowka, LLC appreciates the need for our clients to efficiently pursue the best course of action to achieve resolution and pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding the average timelines set by the financial industry for foreclosure litigation. Our firm’s insistence on maintaining direct contact with our clients has allowed us to expedite moving matters efficiently through the litigation process. Our clients can expect almost immediate telephone or e-mail responses to any of their requests. Depending on your needs, we supply our clients with written status reports on monthly, weekly and daily basis and tailor these reports to each individual client’s needs.

Our firm utilizes a practice management program which is specifically designed for use by attorneys to monitor cases from the initial client referral to the disposition of the REO. Having an effective case management system that is designed to regulate and monitor the foreclosure process allows us to ensure that each step of the litigation process is performed without delay. We also have a strong internal auditing system that is overseen by our managing partners. Our practice management program coupled with our internal file-management auditing practices allow us to ensure the production of quality work that effectively meets the needs of our clients.

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