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A foreclosure action is a lawsuit where a bank, mortgage company, or other lienholder moves to sell real estate to satisfy the mortgage debt.  Typically, a mortgage action arises due to non-payment of the monthly installments or maturity of the debt.  Foreclosures are generally a last option proposition in which nobody gets what they really want: the homeowner wants to keep possession of the property, and the lienholder wants to continue receiving the payments that they are due.

The possibility of having your house foreclosed upon is terrifying, and leaves many homeowners feeling frightened and alone.  At Cohen Dovitz Makowka, LLC, we understand how devastating this possibility can be. Your home is more than just a residence, it’s the place where you and your family have put down roots and built your lives.  Cohen Dovitz Makowka, LLC is available to help you and your family through your time of need.  We will work with you throughout the foreclosure process to explain your situation and bring about the best possible resolution to your case.

By speaking with a lawyer early in the foreclosure process, or even before your first missed payment you will have a better understanding of your options.  If you are already in the midst of the foreclosure process, Cohen Dovitz Makowka, LLC can assess your financial outlook and negotiate on your behalf with your lender.  Whether you engage our law firm at the beginning, middle or end of the foreclosure process, our legal intervention may help you save your home.

If you are in a situation where you are at risk of being foreclosed upon, you have options that are available to you.  If you move proactively when you first start having trouble making your mortgage payments, we can often negotiate with your lender to reach an agreement to adjust your payment schedule or work with them in other ways to prevent a default in the first place. You may also qualify for various government aid programs that could assist you in keeping your house.

In other situations, filing for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a better alternative.  A bankruptcy filing will delay a foreclosure sale of your property, and by reorganizing and eliminating some of your outstanding debts can often help you to protect not only your house but your cars and other assets.  Other times, your best financial option may be to give up your house, either by requesting a “deed in lieu of foreclosure” and transferring your interest in the property back to the mortgage lender or by getting your lender’s approval to sell the property as a short sale. The worst thing you as a homeowner can do is nothing at all.  There are many options and approaches for dealing with foreclosure and Cohen Dovitz Makowka, LLC is there to represent you during the entire process.

If you are having trouble making your mortgage payments, or have received a notice of default or other foreclosure papers, contact a representative at Cohen Dovitz Makowka, LLC today.  Contact us about how having representation from Cohen Dovitz Makowka, LLC will benefit you now and in the future.