Our firm appreciates the need for our clients to efficiently pursue the best course of action to achieve a speedy resolution to their legal matter.  Our firm’s insistence on maintaining direct contact with our clients has allowed us to expedite moving matters efficiently through the litigation process.  Our clients can expect almost immediate telephone or e-mail responses from an attorney to any of their requests.  Depending on their needs, we supply our clients with written status reports on monthly, weekly and daily basis and tailor these reports to each individual client’s needs.

Our firm utilizes practice management software which is specifically designed for use by attorneys to monitor cases from the initial client referral to the final disposition.  Having an effective case management system that is designed to regulate and monitor the legal process allows us to ensure that each step during the litigation is performed without delay.  We also have a strong internal auditing system that is overseen by our managing partners.  Our practice management program coupled with our internal file-management auditing practices allow us to ensure the production of quality work that effectively meets the needs of our clients.